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Apr 5 '12


Sexiest and Most Hip Horse Dressage Ever

And that’s saying a lot. Well, compared to one word.

This is actually really ‘meh’ dressage. 

The horse moves beautifully, but all it does is trot for the first two songs. The most interesting thing it did was a half pass, which is basically a diagonal trot.

Then they canter for the third song, and even though the horse has a fucking gorgeous canter, it looks awkard because it’s not hitting the beat like it was with the trot, the lead changes are flawless though, but just look really awkward with the music.

A canter is a lot harder to do to music, because it’s a three beat gait, where a trot is two beat. You can use a waltz, but only if you plan on cantering your horse the whole time, because a trot looks wrong to waltz. 

It doesn’t help that a big part of what I was thinking the whole time was ‘OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HOW ARE YOU SITTING ON THAT HORSE RIGHT NOW IN THOSE SHORTS THAT MUST BE PAINFUL HOLY SHIT MAN WHAT THE HELL’ There s a reason most riders wear pants, and it’s that saddles are made of leather, and they pinch, and when they pinch, it really fucking hurts. I rode in shorts once. Once. The saddle pinch as so bad my skin was raw. I’m not sure if the rider gets points or loses points for that.

Maybe I’m just a snoot, because I’m also not a big fan of dressage done to this kind of music, and if it is, it has to be super, super, super well done, and dressage done to any music has to be dead on.

And this was meh.