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Jul 15 '12

I go camping. Uh, yeah, “camping.”

I was walking around town yesterday handing out resumes because I really, really need a job.

Most places won’t be hiring until the end of August, which really doesn’t surprise me, but they want to know your availability.

I don’t want to say “Oh, any time except LARP weekends,” so I was saying that there’s one weekend a month that I would be asking to have off, because I’m in a group that goes camping one weekend a month, from March or April through to November, and I would know exactly which dates by February.

This worked pretty well, the only problem anyone could see with that was that camping in November SUCKS. So I said yeah, but it’s a group of really awesome people, so I go and ignore the cold and enjoy the activities and such.

So this was great, I had a pretty good little half-lie going, I didn’t make people feel weird about me being a LARPer, because apparently it makes some people nervous?

So I handed out 18 resumes before going into a tech store, I told the manager the same thing, one weekend a month, camping, I know the exact dates in February. He put his clipboard down, looked me in the eye, and asked “LARP?”

I had no idea how to respond, I never said LARP. “Um…Yeah. What gave it away?”

"One weekend a month, "camping", and you know the dates in February. That’s a LARP calendar."

Turns out he does LARP too, but with a different club. So we talked about LARP for a while in the middle of out semi interview, and agreed to try each other’s clubs at some point, and continued the interview.

I want to work there. Fuck all those other places I applied, I want to work there.